Friday, October 11, 2013

Twenty. (THE FEELS)

I just got home from school and I was just waiting for the clock to strike 12. It feels like such a pathetic thing to do, to wait for the first minute of your birthday. My veins are filled with caffeine, it's the final exams for me and I need to fuel myself with enough energy to last me a whole day of accounting tomorrow -- and tonight, and next night and on Saturday, for that matter. I thought it would just be fitting to waste my time on ranting before the birthday greetings surge in.

I spent the third to the last hour of my teenage years in a waiting shed under the pouring rain, listening to the noise of Manila. There was a boy from UE who was looking at me, he was also probably waiting for a jeep. At first I wanted to glare at him and give him the "You're such a creep-o" look, but I thought better of it and just let it pass. It was the most boring hour of my life.

The second to the last hour was spent on traffic. The woman sitting beside me was asleep. She was leaning on my left shoulder, and normally I wouldn't have let her. Under some I-don't-know circumstances, I thought there was nothing wrong with it so I just stared on the floor. There was a moment when I wanted to bring out my auditing theory book and continue my review, but then I snapped out of it as immediately as I tried. I forgot that I would have to read the book itself, and the lighting was so dim so it's impossible. I ended up thinking of my lolo and how much I miss him.

The last hour was spent on more traffic and some rain. And some dinner alone and some blog posting. And some watching TV and some checking the mail. And some tweeting and facebook-ing.Those three hours pretty much conclude my teenage years. I'm twenty. Where did life go?On a brighter note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEE. :) Okay, back to the books.