Saturday, January 31, 2015

Menstrual Cramps, FML.

     Today marks the day of my week-long battle with dysmenorrhea, for the 123654789th time of my life. I hate it. I freakin' hate it. I hate people when I'm having it. The world probably hates me when I'm having it, because apparently, I turn into a monster. My mom even told me, "Para kang naglilihi," because I am like a woman in her early stages of pregnancy who eats a lot and lies down and gets angered and irritable easily.

     At exactly 2:34 pm today, I discovered that I got my period. First thought was: "Heyyy you are a tad bit early," #IrregularGirlProblems. Then came "Damn, my classmate asked for my emergency pad yesterday." So I had no choice but to go out and buy one from the nearest convenience store.

     Then I had to still go to class. I was feeling very very uncomfortable because (1) I was not able to wash properly, and the wet wipes just won't cover the uncomfortableness of your first day. (2) The room was soooo cold with its full-blast air conditioning. Home girls will understand me. (3) The cramps are starting to claw their way out of my abdomen. #exagg

     After class, I figured that I should probably buy coffee to at least make me feel better. It worked for a short time. Coffee is my life, so yeah. Drinking my coffee to-go, I started heading home. It's a Saturday, so I was hopeful that the traffic in U-belt is much more forgiving than the regular school days. It's not. The traffic was merciless. So was the dysmenorrhea.

     I live in Pasig, so the commute from U-belt was quite long. Half-way home, I started to feel uneasy. At first, I thought it was brought about by the cramps. But then it's like the cramping feeling is moving from my lower abdomen to my whole abdominal area. It could probably be because of the period, and then it dawned on me that I had a huge cup of coffee. With milk.

     I felt kind of gassy, but of course, grace under pressure (after all I was sporting a good MAC lipstick color a while ago so it would be very wa-poise and dyahe if i farted like a man). I was sweating beads and I swear deep inside I was panicking because the pain form the period was intensified and I was scared that i cnnot control the urge. Lol, I survived. It was very hard.

     Bottomline, I hated this day. I am writing about it because I am setting the bar on the FML moments. I hope it won't go any higher than this.