Sunday, August 17, 2014

Binge-watching Masterchef and my thoughts about season 5.

I've been watching Masterchef online nonstop because 
  1. Season 5 had started without me realizing it.
  2. I cannot catch it on TV everytime I'm at home. Yes, even the reruns.
  3. I'm still in the process of readjusting myself and accepting the fact that exams are here and I need to study more than I have been doing. So this is me, having the feast before the execution.
  4. Starworld airs the episodes super late and super slow. They're 10,000 episodes behind.

He lost it. Yep, he did. (@grahamelliot)

New crush alert!! Hi Daniel. 

So adorrrbbss. Haha what?

I like you guys a lot and...
Victoria Scroggins of Masterchef 5Elisabeth Cauvel of Masterchef 5
I like you guys a little.

This part tho! I didn't like how Ahran said that Courtney is someone that she wants to send home because she's a fake bitch or something like that, but her way of throwing her anger towards Courtney is something that made me not like her at all. I thought she sounded insecure and envious of the attention Courtney was getting from the judges, but she's just 18 so it's normal (?)

P.S. I didn't like how she handled the Leslie situation on episode 5, too. Too much disrespect for my preference.

The person I never want to win, but I wouldn't want to go home at the same time because he's fun to watch. Plus the man knows his kitchen well, so kudos, Leslie!

I'm on the 6th episode now and look who came by to say hi. Last year's Masterchef Luca, and the Youngest Masterchef, Alexander! Apparently, theirs are the dishes that the top 16 were making. 


 It all started with the Panna Cotta dish by Alexander that Jaimee attempted to recreate. It turned out a mess because it didn't set right.

What she wasn't able to deliver with the presentation, she compensated with the taste.

 "Maybe if there was the third one..." Queue the drama!

Of course, Chef Gordon Ramsay with his super blue eyes gets to the bottom of the problem and...

Tadaaaa! Here's what really happened.

Maybe in panic, Tyler accidentally got Jaimee's ramekin. At least that's what Gordon believed in, but apparently it wasn't enough to let him stay. Rules are rules. 

 In all fairness, he admitted to his honest mistake and accepted the verdict like a man. He even apologised to the ever-awkward yet super adorable Jaimee who, of course said, "No, I'm sorry that you got mine."

Thus the latest evictee of the Pinoy Big Brother House. Masterchef.

Watch with me! 
Every Sundays, at 8pm I think? on Starworld and Starworld HD.

All photo credits to Fox and Chef Graham Elliot.

Friday, August 15, 2014

#makeuptransfomation taking the internet by storm... And it's hilarious!

Recently, I have noticed that the latest trend #makeuptransformation has been bringing the buzz in the social world. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook - this hashtag has taken the internet by storm. From plain face to ambitious (or hilarious), this has been the best trend yet.

Not only the average Joes do it! Even the celebrities here in Manila hash joined the bandwagon, too.

From Ryan Agoncillo to Daniel Padilla. Plus points for the shirt effort! (from @thatsmytatayryan)
Am I seeing the strong resemblance here? No? (from @bodiecruz)
Channeling her inner Cleopatra. (from @delamararias)
Gino Quillamor... you're getting there. (from @ginoboi931)
I don't really see the difference, Jeremy.  Also the necessity of using lipgloss. (from @chicogarcia)
Even Erwan Heussaff did it! Transformation to Bogart the Explorer... not bad! (from @erwanjheussaff)
And the most ambitious of them all... He even made it to 9gag! (from @BogartDexplorer)

Images from twitter and instagram.