Saturday, July 27, 2013


Me and my friends, in pretty much the wildest scenario that we could be caught dead in. We don't get drunk like most kids of our age do on a Friday night, instead, we eat an impossibly huge amount of sweets that a normal person could handle, looking for the right buzz to get away from a week's worth of drama, stress and shtty schoolworks. We're all of legal age yet we don't go to bars to unwind because we're nerds like that, and to be honest, I thank God that these people are who I get to interact with everyday. College will be the death of me if not because of them. Have I found the wrong crowd, then I'll be doomed. These people are enough to keep me hanging on to what I actually signed up for. But then, I realized from this pre-midterm bonding experience that I haven't seen my bestfriends for a very long time and I was reminded of how much I freakin' miss them.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Unlimited Sweets @ Love Desserts

Just when I thought I could go back to my less-sugar-less-salt-more-water diet, my good friend Anj took us to a place one commute from our school. Who could refuse a dessert buffet?

For only P199 per person, you could choose from a wide array of sweets - cakes and pastries, chocolate treats, fruits, candies, ice cream, milkshakes, iced tea, crepe, coffee, halo-halo and even some stuff like empanadas, manggang hilaw & bagoong, lumpiang shanghai and other finger foods (probably to give your taste buds a break from all the sweets).

How cute are these?
Sylvannas - Anj's & Anna's fave. 

Once you enter Love Desserts, you'll see this refrigerator that holds all the cakes (all yummy-looking) and you'll really get all excited. Buffet 101: Don't get all too excited or else you'll get full too soon. Just like what happened to us. We were overwhelmed with what we see that we forgot that we have 2 hours to stretch, and we're already too full just by the first hour. 

The halo-halo and milkshake station. (Boo, I didn't get to try the halo-halo.)
Crepe station -  with lots of toppings to choose from.
For crepes and milkshakes, you could ask the crew to prepare some for you.

Milkshakes: Coffee Crumble (too sweet -Joy), Vanilla (which I tried, it tastes normal), Chocolate, Buko and Melon.
Crepes: Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry & Banana.
I tried the peach and Angel got the strawberry. Mine was kind of fresh and tangy, in contrast with her strawberry's too-sweet and straight from the bottle effect. Their crepe batter is slightly bland for me, but what's crepe without ice cream, right?

Ice cream from Big Scoop. I had Vanilla with my crepe and Calamansi Sorbet as my last scoop and it was so refreshing.
Ice cream toppings!
Blogger Review by the tissue. srsly.
Before I forget, We went there on a rainy afternoon. Yes, we're rebels like that. So, combating the flooded Espana and the nonstop rain, a serving of lugaw is welcome. Too welcome, I should say. Their lugaw (porridge) is ah-mazing. Perfect for the weather, and perfect to remove the excessive sweet taste.

Joy, probably satisfied, and Angel, enjoying her ice cream.

Did we overstay? I think the waitress was almost going to make us leave. Hi Em! :)

HAPPYNESS :) Photo credits to Angel.

We'll definitely go back - probably after exams. :)

* * *