Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cat Patrick | Revived

I don't regret my decision of starting my sembreak by reading this book. It's an easy read, amazingly fast-paced story that got me engaged from the first up to the last chapter. The plot has unexpected twists, and even though the plot is pretty simple, it has points that give a brief coverage on loss and death.


As a little girl, Daisy Appleby was killed in a school bus crash. Moments after the accident, she was brought back to life.

A secret government agency has developed a drug called Revive that can bring people back from the dead, and Daisy Appleby, a test subject, has been Revived fiv
e times in fifteen years. Daisy takes extraordinary risks, knowing that she can beat death, but each new death also means a new name, a new city, and a new life. When she meets Matt McKean, Daisy begins to question the moral implications of Revive, and as she discovers the agency's true goals, she realizes she's at the center of something much larger — and more sinister — than she ever imagined .[via Goodreads]

The best thing about this book is the heroine. Daisy is a voice that you could relate to. She grows all throughout the story, and it's amazing how strong yet naive she could be. All her life, she's been living with a fake family, being watched by someone they called "God" (the creator of the drug) and being advised to stay
away from too much attention, bees, and more attention. Who wouldn't get tired of those? So there she went, doing what a normal teenager would do: rant about her life and how she wants to get settled in one place and live a normal life.

Her idea of death is shallow, having died five times and knowing that she could be revived by a drug. Only until she gets to meet a real friend who is going to die soon, but can't be revived. Oh, the irony of life. and a boyfriend who happens to be her friend's brother. And he wants her to steal a vial of the drug.

Weak point: the ending. It's a stand-alone novel alright, they'll provide enough answers to questions that may develop as you go along the story. It's just that the ending is not... ending enough. I am not satisfied with how quick she laid all those epilogue-ish things. There's something lacking, but it's not something that you'll think has a book two in the making, either. Okay, I don't make sense.

Just read. It's cool.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Lumpy Space Princess

Among the many adorable creatures that inhabit the Land of Ooo, she's a character that really stood out (aside from Princess Bubblegum who is pink) and made my everyday dose of Adventure Time more exciting. I really think she should get more airtime.

The epitome of a bratty, appearance conscious, ranting teenager. Yet, she embodies sensitivity and confidence. The princess of Lumpy Space, anyone who watches Adventure Time should know her.
"I'm sorry that you're starving because I ate all of your crops, even though you're all still really fat, and I probably helped you lose some weight."
Purple and lumpy and complaining about how she's not the center of attention, LSP totally makes life in the Land of Ooo more exciting. She doesn't want anyone making fun of her voice (it's really weird, I even thought she's a he before I knew she's a princess). She's vain and conscious how she looks, always concerned about her lumps.

She's not in every episode of the show. :( I really hope she gets more airtime. She's the cutest!

What I also like about LSP is how she expresses herself.

Qotable Quotes:
  • "What the lump!" 
  • "Don't lumpin' yell at me!" 
  • "Oh my glob you guys, drama bomb!"
  • "I said, lump off mom. Is that lumpin' clear enough for you?"
  • "Just admit it, loverboy. You can't resist me."
  • "First, you should check out my house, it's like, kinda lame but way less lame than like your house."  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Script: #3 // Album Review

I've been a HUGE fan of The Script ever since "The Man Who Can't Be Moved," mainly because of their Indie-alternative-ish (or whatever) sound. Aside from Danny being a real hottie, this band wrote songs that really left me having an LSS that's why I memorize every word and every line in their first two albums The Script and Science & Faith.

But now, I don't know.

#3. Obviously, it's their third album. I've waited for this!! When I learned that they will be releasing a
collaboration with Black Eyed Peas', I was hyped. Totally. When I heard it, first thing I thought: "It's not really what I expected to hear from the The Script, but not bad!" Then: "Maybe the other songs would be better, so let's just wait for the whole thing. We'll see then."

So here's the complete track listing.

1. “Good Ol’ Days” 4:23
2. “Six Degrees of Separation” 3:52
3. “Hall of Fame” (featuring 3:22
4. “If You Could See Me Now” 3:39
5. “Glowing” 4:46
6. “Give the Love Around” 4:24
7. “Broken Arrow” 4:34
8. “Kaleidoscope” 3:41
9. “No Words” 4:05
10. “Millionaires” 3:11

The moment I got hold of these songs, I immediately tried to digest the whole thing. Point is, I cant! (:<) All that goes into my mind was: "What's this? Is this The Script?" Really.

I was waiting for the old The Script sound. That straight to the heart tune that first caught me. But, instead of being lost in the feel of the songs, I found myself lost in understanding what they were talking about. I just think that there is too much urban influence going on in this album and the rap parts are too much. Just Saying. "We Cry" way back in 2009 is more than enough to showcase Danny's rapping skills.

I was expecting an album to sing along with, not an album to rap along with. (=.=)

BUT!! It's not all that bad. Once I got the hang of it, I loved the songs. No doubt they're really good. 

My favorites are:
  • Six Degrees of Separation (I think it's the only song that has THE SCRIPT written all over it)
  • If You Could See Me Now
  • No Words
Nonetheless, I'm still a fan of The Script. I'll be waiting for their fourth, in the high hopes of getting that same old The Script sound.

Friday, October 12, 2012

College Friends' Birthday Surprise

My friends don't always talk behind my back, but when they do.. =">
College is not the most exciting part  of your academic life. Says who?

I've known these people just when I stepped in college. Some, a longer span of time than the others.

I'm 19 already! I can't believe this. My last year of being a teenager. <//3 Just when my parents are letting me go home late (still with the help of thorough convincing. But still.) Only now am I enjoying my teenage years!! And then It's my last? Oh God, why?

I really didn't expect that something like this would come up. It's finals and everyone's busy, so I was really surprised when they gave me these. Oh, you guys.=)

But anyway, whatever the number is. As what John Lennon once said:
"Count your age by friendsnot years. Count your life by smiles, not tears."

Thank you friends! :)

Anna Fajardo, Jason Quinosa, Kyzz Cornelio, Angel Cruz, Emmanuelle Digno, Daren Mananquil, Jaztine Marie Adap, Abby Malvar, Sofio Gonzalvo, Ryan Galao, Joy Alfon, Nathaniel Ferrer, Rona Nitcha, Kristelle Mateo, Celina Panaga, Lauren Rogando, JM Tabucanon, Clifford Opinion, Kariza Mendoza, John Kaw and Richard Atienza

You made my day extra special. I love you all!! :*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Lord of the Rings and a few blabberings.

That moment when you have nothing else to watch so you settle for something you've watched before. I thought having a Harry Potter Marathon would take, like, two days... so, yeah. The Lord of the Ring it is!

Seriously, sobrang haba ng trilogy but it was so epic, I cried. Konti lang. Lol. :D

Just a few things:

This guy. He's just so gwapo. I fell in love with him all over again. Nagtataka lang talaga ako... Bakit hindi siya nauubusan ng arrows? (-__-) Where and when did he even get a refill?! I demand an answer.

Isa pa 'to. Pretty, right? Is she really Steve Tyler's daughter? Dafudge. Ever since Armageddon, I've wondered how come this girl was a product of his sperm.


Think of it weird, but Smeagol is really my favorite LOTR character. Despite the fact that he turned Frodo against Sam, I still love him. I'm hating Precious right now, though. She's the one to blame. Damn, I really hate her (it?).

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tuxqs Rutaquio & CCP-TP Present: Layeta Bucoy’s “Walang Kukurap”

 “Kung gusto mong mabuhay sa mundong ‘to, kailangan mong maging halimaw. Gusto mong maging anghel? Dun! Pakuha ka kay Lord!” [Paraphrased]

This is one of the most catching lines (or at least how I understood it) that got me when I watched Layeta Bucoy’s “Walang Kukurap” last September 16, 2012. Presented by the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Tanghalang Pilipino (TP), this drama was able to capture its audience and ensnare them into seeing the dirty world of politics here in the Philippines. Set in a small town, the play revolved around different kinds

Sunday, September 9, 2012

John Greene | The Fault in Our Stars

After reading tons of reviews about this book, I got so curious. So putting an end to my curiosity, I started reading. And I can't put it down. At first I thought it was just some kind of a I'm-a-teenager-I-fell-in-love-but-I-am-sick-and-I-died-go-cry kind of book but really, this book is more than that.

It's different from all your lovey-dovey star-crossed lovers kind of novels. It's more than that, I promise. John Green made points about youth, love, family, loss, humor, friendship, hope, acceptance, beauty -  everything. 

The construction of paragraphs may not be of my preference, but the way his words will see through you is just beyond imagination.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I used to say never say never.


Omygosh, after a long wait, it's out! Watch! :)

Taylor Swift's latest single from her upcoming album RED, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together had it's Music Video release yesterday.


That guy does not resemble Adam Levine. Please.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Is this all we get, to be absolute?


I thinks there is a sad story going on behind this track. Something about a girl who fell in love with a guy, only she's holding back. She assumes that she knows so much about this guy and she thought he might just hurt her if she admit she's in love. Only she doesn't know that this guy likes her, too, and would want to know her everything about her.

No, I can't relate. Really. (=.=)


Before August ends...

Just so I have something listed in my August archives. Teehee.

I know I've been on hiatus mode this whole month, all thanks to my very busy schedule and a whopping tons of credit to my lazy pants (I know, sorry). This month has been the busiest and most hectic so far, with the midterm exams and all.

Three weeks ago, I think?
This photo was taken from our terrace, and no, I am not living in Italy (though I know Italy's rivers would be a hundred times more clean-looking than this). Brought about by a Low Pressure Area, this flood was really terrible. Almost the entire Metro was flooded so everyone's like trapped in their homes or evacuation centers. Plus, electricity in some area were cut.

Monday, July 30, 2012

E.L. James | The Fifty Shades Trilogy

After reading the first book, the first thought I had in mind was: "That's it?" I thought it was just another franchise overrated for its explicit content and a whole lot of nonsense sex. But I can't let myself hanging and not knowing what happens next, so I decided to finish the whole lot just to know what will be the ending. 

It was just last night that I have finished reading the Fifty Shades trilogy and it took me a little more than two weeks to do so. I can't read it in one sitting. I just can't.
It's far too visual for my preference, and the sex is too hardcore. Being, let’s just say, the youngest of the allowed audience. I've skipped maybe… 2/3 of the sex part? I don't know. It's just not what or how I thought or... whatever.

Bipolar Weather and Suspension of Classes

The weather here in Manila is driving me nuts. One moment it's raining super hard, and the other the sun gapes at you like an idiot, saying, "Burn, baby! burn!"

What the fudge, universe?!

Last night, I was praying for a class suspension, because I have two accounting quizzes that I forgot to review for. Luckily (for me), I woke up this morning to find that it's still raining -- Hard. It's kinda scary, though. It's a bummer, because I thought that rain or no rain, I would have to go to school because of the quizzes, unless there would be an official announcement from the school.

Or else this would have happened all over again.

My schoolmates, hovering around because the school failed to suspend classes before we actually left home.
So we would have to go through this. 
These photos were two weeks ago, when I went to school despite the raining and raging winds (and they did not suspend classes early enough to stop me from doing so). Yes, all because I was scared of missing a quiz. Call me grade conscious or whatnot, but I'm a nerd like that. Classes were suspended too late, when almost all students were already wet. Jeez.

I didn't go home just yet, I watched the Dark Knight Rises - and it's pretty AWESOME!

Now back to today. Since there's no classes and it's such a bed weather, maybe I could just lie in my PJ's and watch Adventure time. Or maybe read A fault in Our Stars or listen to Overexposed. Or both? If I'm not too consumed by the bed, then I would be browsing my accounting books. Which is 1% possible. :))

Sunday, July 22, 2012

She was this and that and everything in between.


On repeat! :) Yeah, summer's long gone here in Manila, and we're getting a whole lot of rain but who cares? I just can't get enough of summer. This track just reminds me of that beat that you would want to listen to while on the beach.

Catwoman is so Hot. Gaaahd, I want my girl self back.

Who would ever forget her portrayal as princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi?

Me? A Princess? Shut up!

I remember her as Princess Mia back in my early adolescent years and she's been my girl crush ever since. With that pretty face and a huge chunk of talent, well...

And now!! Her appearance in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises surprised me to the nth level because (1) It was unplanned, so I didn't research on it, and (2) I am still stuck in her image as Princess Mia. Her role in Love and other Drugs, well I prefer to remove it from my brain [too much sexy time].

Anne Hathaway seriously did a great job as Catwoman. She's perfect for that role. Period.

Nothing more to say. :3

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let 'em go, let 'em fly. Holding back won't turn back time.


Here's the song that I am currently listening to. Maroon 5's Overexposed is one album that I really looked forward to, and now they're coming to Manila for a concert. So excited! Too bad tickets are sold out too soon. General Admissions are still available, though. 


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jamie Campbell Bower is Jace Wayland

News is out! Jamie Campbell Bower is going to give persona to Jace Wayland, the hero in the upcoming movie City of Bones. Now, aren't we excited?
EXCLUSIVE: Screen Gems has made its choice: Jamie Campbell Bower will get the male lead in The Mortal Instruments, the Scott Charles Stewart-directed adaptation of the Cassandra Clare novel series. He’ll play Jace Wayland, starring alongside Lily Collins, who’ll play the lead heroine Clary Fray. She has The Sight, and can see both demons and Shadowhunters. Jace is one of the best of the latter. When Clary’s mother is abducted, she is forced to learn about her bloodline and abilities in order to get her mother back. Clare’s series is comprised of six novels and is expected to launch a franchise. The role has been considered a potential star-making vehicle for an actor, and there has been much speculation on who’ll get it. I’m told the deal is being made now for Bower, who is best known for playing King Arthur in the TV series Camelot,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

City Of Bones (In theaters!)

It's Official! Starting next year, Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments book series is going to hit the big screen! I am so excited, I am sure this is going to be another movie franchise that will make every teen fiction fans (like me!) itching for a movie to be shown one after the other.

Rumors have it that the final casting for the movie is done already, so let's just hope that there's going to be a display of awesome acting skills and not some lame newbies to give justice to these characters. I really liked the book so I'm praying (hard) that the movie won't be a crap fest. :p

Hoping that my voice could get it right.


I would want to share with you guys this awesome track from Mayday Parade. It's been an old favorite of mine, and what I loved most about this track is how it puts me to sleep while fantasizing about a nonexistent boyfriend who would sing this song if he did something wrong and would want to apologize.

Listen and be amazed - note that MP is not just about booming drums and unintelligible blabbers like what a certain friend told me. Hah!


Monday, July 9, 2012

I am but a blogosphere nomad.

Okay, first things first. Title = Lame. It doesn't even rhyme! Sorry about that.

I've been blogging for a very long time now, and I am pretty much of a blogosphere nomad. Coming from Blogger to Wordpress to Tumblr to Yola to Tumblr then back to Blogger again... Well, you get the idea. So what brings me back? I don't know, I guess that's just how I roll.

I can't get myself to keep all of my accounts, though. So all those sites - I've deleted my blogs even before I start a new one, so no worries (well except for Tumblr which kinda comes in handy if I wanna give my crush some stalking, teehee).

I don't like my address. My last blogger address has something to do with the words "random" and "awesome", and now it's gone! Like poof! Darnit. Whoever you are who consumed my past life: I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. And the B**** who owns the address reversed - YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!

Nah, just kidding. It's fine, you guys. No worries. Go on with your lives. I don't care. Hunting you down won't make me rich anyway. (But deep inside I am killing myself for leaving and giving up that blog address because I really really really really love that in my address bar.)

Now I'm stuck with Well at least until I decide to go on with my life.