Monday, December 23, 2013

My Christmas break is being sabotaged by the universe.

       Much as I do want to celebrate the Holidays in a cheerful spirit, I can't. My body is being dumped into an itch-hole, and honestly I'm blaming the universe for this unfortunate event. Partially because I need someone to blame and partially because I really can't find the cause. I never did away from the responsibility of maintaining my personal hygiene, but *scratch* I'm growing a whole plantation of red marks and breakouts, mostly on my legs and on my back *scratch,scratch*. To add up on the grossness, they look like insect bites and prickly-heat combined in one single red dot. It's that gross.

     Unless someone wants to party with a girl smelling like chinese chili liniment (It subsides the itch, I promise... makes the redness worse, though.) I would be staying at home, in the comfort of my jogging pants, sitting with a jar of nutella, contemplating whether to watch food network or start with my homeworks.