Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Truth About Commitment

  I am not good at being on the other end of commitment ropes. I have broken quite a lot of promises, and I have tried to avoid certain circumstances for my own comfort. Not cool. But then, there’s this line:

“If you can’t hang then there’s the door, baby.” (SWS, 2011)

  Probably not the best line to quote for this topic, but hey, this is my blog so fock uff. First of all, I am not a stayer. I am a leaver, I admit. But I really think that staying in a relationship just for the sake of hanging around and eventually being annoyed with each other is not the way to go. If I don’t think the relationship is giving me what I deserve, then I leave. It’s just the same thing as the way that I expect the other party to not settle for my shortcomings. Life is not a battle of who stays or who goes, it’s about who gets to be truthful about their feelings.

  If you’re happy, you stay. If you’re not, you leave. There’s no such thing as an in between, where you suffer and ignore.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Barbara Conklin | P.S. I Love You

My mother made me do it.
It almost made me feel bad that I have given such a low rating, given the reviews and all, but still.
I give it a 2.5 rating -- and I have contemplated for a little while if I should round up or round down. There is no way that I am giving it a 1-star rating because I'm a sucker for summer flings and whirlwind romances.

I wasn't even planning to read this one because it looks like a really really old and corny romance pocketbook. And helloooo? The cover. The model just looks so sad. Ha, kidding. But seriously.

My mom posted this book on facebook, telling me that this was the first book that gave her the "kilig." She. Posted. And then there came the comments (by her batchmates, of course) about how much they loved this book when they were younger, how they tend to hide a copy in the library shelves just to be able to continue reading the next day... It was funny. And it got me curious.

P. S. I Love You 

When her father left after the divorce, Mariah lost her sense of family. Now she's lost her special summer, too. Instead of fulfilling her dream to become a writer, Mariah has to help her mother with a house-sitting job in very rich, very snobby Palm Springs. People with a lot of money make Mariah uncomfortable. Until she meets Paul Strobe, the rich boy next door. Paul's not a snob and he doesn't act superior. In fact, his sandy sandy hair and piercing blue eyes break down all Mariah's defences. With Paul, Palm Springs becomes the most romantic place on Earth.

But Paul has to go into the hospital for some tests and then an operation. He's seriously ill and all his family's money can't help him.

Will Mariah lose Paul, too, just when she's found her first love?

So not judging the book by the cover (yay, me!), I gave it a shot. I got the e-book copy and I doubt that there's still an available, physical book, and I'm not sure if it's available anywhere [amazon or what] because girl, the book is Jurassic.

May I just say... P.S. I love you. Yes Paul, I am in love with you too. You're another addition to my literary crushes because (a) you're artistic and capable of creating something, (b) you're tall and such a cutie, and (c) you're rich [lol no just kidding] you're deep and humble and funny and generous. This guy, ladies and gentlemen, is the epitome of a perfect summer crush.

Dear Mariah, you're young. For goodness' sake, you're 16 so there's no way you cannot move on from that loss because hello, you've been with Paul for like 10 weeks (60-75% of which, he's at home or in the hospital being sick) and tbh with that time frame I doubt there will really be a "falling in love" that's going to happen. So yeah, I like it that you made him your inspiration and decided to move on with your life. Good job girlfriend!

Early into the book, I've had a few "awwe so cute" moments, and that was probably because of Paul-Kim (little sister) moments. It was quite short so not very much of a bother to read but all in all, it wasn't something that I would recommend reading, although all my mom's friends are telling that IT'S THE BOMB I mean seriously? Lol. I didn't relate at all. Butttt mom said it was a romance novel for early teeners, so maybe that's why. (BUT MOM!! SWEET VALLEY!!)

But, I think re-publishing these Sweet Dreams Romance Novels will bring nostalgia to those 80's babies. I mean, they're the workforce today, so, $$$. Just sayin'.

P.S. I am in love with the idea of snail mail.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Chuck Palahniuk | Snuff

Not my cup of tea, but there's something in there.
Disclaimer. I am 20 years old, as of the date. I understand these kinds of things. Kinda.

Snuff by 

Narrated by Mr. 72, Mr. 137, and Mr. 600 as they await their turn on camera, a novel about the role of pornography in contemporary life follows porn queen Cassie Wright, who plans to break the record for serial fornication with six hundred men on camera. [via Goodreads

I don't know if this is just another piece that would produce a commentary about the porn industry, or it was supposed to be a satirical attempt to point out that there's drama in porn. Or that porn stars are human, too? I don't know. Either way, I cannot help but imagine this work as a theatrical play. I am pretty sure that if this was written as a lengthy act, it would probably be better off. There's something about the character development that would suit the stage.

 There's a plot, alright. A good one, actually. Show/Hide spoilers.

Well, I have learned some things along the way, so good job!
- Marilyn Monroe used Zelda Zonk as an Alias.
- Cyanide smells like almonds.
- Almonds have cyanide.
- Marilyn Monroe probably wore non-matching heels to let her butt roll as she walks.
- Some ancient woman Melisanna... Melanie? Melisandre? Something.

This one got me interested (at least interested enough to keep reading) up until the three-quarters part, and from there, the plot was dying. The ending part... noting. I mean, the rapid fire of commotions and useless blabberings had me wanting to just finish it just for the sake of it. Nothing to look forward to.

Another issue: Repetitive Dialogue.

Then there is this quote:
"The closest thing that comes to how the day felt is when you wipe back to front. You're on the toilet. You're not thinking, and you smear shit on the back of your hanging-down wrinkled ball skin. The more you try to wipe it clean, the skin stretches and the mess keeps getting bigger. The thin layer of shit spreads into the hair and down your thighs. That's how a day like this, how it feels to keep secret."
(Snuff, page 4...AND page 187)

Apparently, that's how people with balls deal with their shit. BUT WHO WIPES BACK TO FRONT?  I cannot comprehend please tell me I really don't get the point of writing this passage twice.

Interested? Here's a video that I got from Chuck Palahniuk's website.
Why is Cassie Wright so huge? And man-like?