Saturday, June 15, 2013

4th Year, BSA: Still Alive, But I'm Barely Breathing.

It was very hard, but yeah, we're still alive! Woot!

4th year and still an accounting student, baby!

Kaw, Anna, Me & Joy goofing around.
What would be a first day of the year without some pictures, right? :)

Anna: I don't care, I'm having a photoshoot.

Waiting for our classes to start. Say Hi to Psalms! (The one at the rightmost part)
Hi Jason. Macho, right? Lol, kidding. Seriously, I'm kidding.
Professors just being the important professors that they are. Always late. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
One classmate actually told me: What if you write something about the professors being late or absent on the first day of school? Don't they know that this is the only day that the students are actually excited to go to school? Then they won't show up? Wtf, dude. Wtf.

Apparently, he's blaming the professors' lack of punctuality for the students' loss of interest in school. Monkey see, monkey do. Well, makes sense.

Feeling Vintage. 
 Pardon the randomness. We're Having fun with the camera360 app.. :D 
Anna's famous shitshit face.
Err.. I don't really know what's happening here.
At least my head's in proportion with my thunder thighs. -_-
Our Boys, Ryan & Kaw.
Blurred! But this one's funny. Anna's the camera conscious one indeed. :D

Kaw, look up.

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world.

So.. before the stress comes down to us (which means next week), we wanted to have fun. 

Life is colorful in BSA~ lalala.

So, to the guys out there who are crapping their hearts out just to pass one accounting subject: HA! LOSERS!! :p

Kidding. But seriously, you'll still undergo that kind of torture and maybe more as you go higher. Just try to enjoy it, and have fun. Don't stress yourselves too much, or else you'll just see yourself having more difficulty. You'll just get ugly.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear "R"

Part One.

During first grade, I always thought that boys are obnoxious beings who do nothing but annoy their girl classmates. They are always mean and scary looking. I know that it shouldn't bother me because I was the class president and all, but still. You were my classmate, but we weren't given the chance to be close.

Second grade came and I thought I was being punished to be seated between two boys. On my left side, a little boy whom I hated for being a pain in the ass on first grade. On my right side, you. I remember being paired up with you on a dance number, and I've had so much fun. I discovered that I liked dancing. A lot. By then I could say that we had shared a few laughs and we're pretty much close to each other. I still thought that boys are obnoxious, though.

You're the rockstar-emo guy.
I'm the class president who likes the color pink.
Third and fourth went by, and incidentally, you were my seatmate. I was almost fed up by your antics, you know? Almost. Also, I almost had a crush on you. Almost. You told me that you have a crush on one of our classmates. Remember the one with the pretty mole on her cheek?

I was only able to live a whole year without being bugged by you and your childish stories of romance on our fifth grade. We're still friends, but we've chosen to be interested in different things. You, the rockstar-rebel guy that you are, chose the path of all things black and blaring rock music. I, the grade conscious class president, chose to live by the books and train for math competitions.

Sixth grade was the most stressful year of my elementary life. Graduating and all, I tried hard to be on top of our class. You, on the other hand, were interested in yet another one of our classmates. She's a transferee, and she's really cute. I didn't care at all, the crush has long since subsided.

In the middle of the year, I don't know what happened but I've heard that you and the new girl aren't a thing anymore. You transferred seats and sat next to me. Being the curious cat that I was, I asked, "Why?"

Your answer me: "I don't know. I may be in love with someone. Maybe I have liked that someone ever since, I'm just scared that she doesn't like me back. I'm afraid she's too good for me."

I thought it was stupid. I thought it was absurd. I even thought you were gay, hiding behind all those blacksneakers and statement shirts. But then one day, I came to school just to see you by the gates. Without a word, you took my things from me and carried them until we reached the classroom. I was dumbfounded, of course.You never did that to anyone aside from the cute transferee.

I wasn't stupid not to figure things out. That very same day, I asked you, "Since when?" You answered me, "Last quarter of fourth grade, when you transferred seats. I tried to stop it, you know?" I didn't answer. How old were we, eleven? Twelve? I didn't do anything, I didn't even think that what is happening is something serious. I was that matured to think that it will pass, just like any other childhood romance that I see on T.V. Yet, it was the sweetest, most innocent thing that I have ever experienced. Looking back to that moment, I still think you were the cutest twelve year-old that I will ever know.

I cried. No one else saw that, but I know you did.
Just before graduation month, our adviser talked to me. She said that I may not be the valedictorian. I was crushed. I tried to do all that I can to get to that spot. But after a moment, I thought, what the hell? The other candidate also did well. He's better than me in some areas, so maybe I was just meant to be the second best.  I cried. No one else saw that, but I know you did. I saw you waiting by the guard house just before my school service came. I just wonder why you didn't talk to me about it. Until now, it serves as a mystery to me.

I also know that our teacher thought you had me distracted. I hope you didn't take this seriously. My grades didn't go lower, anyway. His grades just did a zoom. No one's fault. I was able to move on in a matter of a few hours. Or days.

Came graduation day. The way we parted ways was not the most convenient. A lot of things not talked about, a lot of feelings undisclosed. I guess that's the best part of being kids, right? No hard feelings, no grudges held. No admiration, no love to hold on to. You just move on easily. You don't take things seriously. You see each other some time in the future, and you just recollect all those memories that you'd laugh about when you remember.

It's been eight years. Funny, because I remember all these things as if they just happened not so long ago. I know you're happy now. You're the rock star, after all.


p.s. My mom liked you, you know. She thinks you're cute.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Gabrielle Aplin: English Rain // Album Review

Imagine: Saturday afternoon. No noise aside from the relaxing sound of raindrops on the ground. The feeling of humid air, cozy and gentle. No, who wants humid air? We have plenty humid air in Manila and. It. Sucks.  You get the idea.

True to its title, her new album English Rain gave me the feels of a peaceful and stress-free rainy afternoon. If feelings were colors, she gives me gray with a hint of pastels. 

See? Even the album art is true to its word.
The very first song that diverted my attention to Gabrielle is Please Don't Say You Love Me which pretty much the most heartbreaking yet the most honest song I have ever heard. 

Heavy words are hard to take,
Under pressure things will break,
How we feel is hard to fake,
So lets not give the game away

I just can't help myself but notice that she sounds like Birdy. Is it just the accent, or do they really sound the same? [If you guys don't know, Birdy is the singer who brought you the revival of Bon Iver's Skinny Love.]

Even so, I am in love with Gabrielle Aplin. Though her melody and her voice are light and pastel and everything gentle, her lyrics will really strike you in a way that would give you an impact. Her way of delivering those words are so pure but nonetheless experienced, as if she's really trying to get you to feel how she felt while writing or singing those songs.

Tracks include: 
1. Panic Cord 
2. Keep on Walking 
3. Please Don't Say You Love Me 
4. How Do You Feel Today? 
5. Home 
6. Salvation 
7. Ready to Question 
8. The Power of Love 
9. Alive 
10. Human 
11. November 
12. Start of Time 
13. Take Me Away (bonus track)

I hope she makes a new one soon. Looking forward to a new Aplin experience.