Friday, August 31, 2012

Is this all we get, to be absolute?


I thinks there is a sad story going on behind this track. Something about a girl who fell in love with a guy, only she's holding back. She assumes that she knows so much about this guy and she thought he might just hurt her if she admit she's in love. Only she doesn't know that this guy likes her, too, and would want to know her everything about her.

No, I can't relate. Really. (=.=)


Before August ends...

Just so I have something listed in my August archives. Teehee.

I know I've been on hiatus mode this whole month, all thanks to my very busy schedule and a whopping tons of credit to my lazy pants (I know, sorry). This month has been the busiest and most hectic so far, with the midterm exams and all.

Three weeks ago, I think?
This photo was taken from our terrace, and no, I am not living in Italy (though I know Italy's rivers would be a hundred times more clean-looking than this). Brought about by a Low Pressure Area, this flood was really terrible. Almost the entire Metro was flooded so everyone's like trapped in their homes or evacuation centers. Plus, electricity in some area were cut.