Friday, November 2, 2012

Lumpy Space Princess

Among the many adorable creatures that inhabit the Land of Ooo, she's a character that really stood out (aside from Princess Bubblegum who is pink) and made my everyday dose of Adventure Time more exciting. I really think she should get more airtime.

The epitome of a bratty, appearance conscious, ranting teenager. Yet, she embodies sensitivity and confidence. The princess of Lumpy Space, anyone who watches Adventure Time should know her.
"I'm sorry that you're starving because I ate all of your crops, even though you're all still really fat, and I probably helped you lose some weight."
Purple and lumpy and complaining about how she's not the center of attention, LSP totally makes life in the Land of Ooo more exciting. She doesn't want anyone making fun of her voice (it's really weird, I even thought she's a he before I knew she's a princess). She's vain and conscious how she looks, always concerned about her lumps.

She's not in every episode of the show. :( I really hope she gets more airtime. She's the cutest!

What I also like about LSP is how she expresses herself.

Qotable Quotes:
  • "What the lump!" 
  • "Don't lumpin' yell at me!" 
  • "Oh my glob you guys, drama bomb!"
  • "I said, lump off mom. Is that lumpin' clear enough for you?"
  • "Just admit it, loverboy. You can't resist me."
  • "First, you should check out my house, it's like, kinda lame but way less lame than like your house."  

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