Sunday, September 9, 2012

John Greene | The Fault in Our Stars

After reading tons of reviews about this book, I got so curious. So putting an end to my curiosity, I started reading. And I can't put it down. At first I thought it was just some kind of a I'm-a-teenager-I-fell-in-love-but-I-am-sick-and-I-died-go-cry kind of book but really, this book is more than that.

It's different from all your lovey-dovey star-crossed lovers kind of novels. It's more than that, I promise. John Green made points about youth, love, family, loss, humor, friendship, hope, acceptance, beauty -  everything. 

The construction of paragraphs may not be of my preference, but the way his words will see through you is just beyond imagination.

He has a way of writing that made me reflect on some things in life, especially those that I have given least attention because I am busy ranting about things.

I have a problem with the characters, though. I didn't like Hazel that much. There's just no... sympathy, I guess? Or maybe it really was supposed to be like that, since she's sick and she doesn't want anyone to pity her? I don't know. If it's like that then kudos to you, John Green, you're more than effective!

Also, I wasn't rooting for the Agustus-Hazel love team like I do in every book with a hero-heroine theme. Yes, their love for each other is really something, but there is Isaac. Yes, Isaac got me. I swear, there's a bromance going on in there. Kidding. But really, Isaac had more impact than Hazel.

There was only one moment in there that I shed tears, and that moment is an Isaac-Agustus moment. Am I weird?

Those guys are really articulate. They think out of the box, really. Can all teenager be like them?

And one thing, I don't want to die young. Not yet.


  1. I've also read the book and believe me, I cried a lot! How can you not be touched by this? Hazel and agustus are meant for each other and they didn't even have the opportunity to marry... :( I loved Isaac too.

    1. ISAAC = <3 =)))

      I don't know, I guess there's something wrong with me. Hazel and Agustus' love story just didn't get through me that much. My friends said they also cried.

      When we asked, "Is it your fault if you didn't feel the mood that the author wants to convey?" My professor answered: "There's no right or wrong in literature; we all have different interpretations, there's nothing wrong with that."

      P.S. I asked my mother what she think, she didn't cry, too. I guess it runs in the family.

  2. Why don't you review the movie?

    1. Movie reviews take a lot of effort and energy and brain cells (excuse #1)
      Movie reviews are scary, because they have the most number of critics, pro & non-pro (excuse #2)
      I haven't seen the movie yet. Kidding (excuse #3)
      I don't know what to think about the movie, it's a bit in the extremes department for me. (excuse #4)

      Eliminate one of the choices, there you go.

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