Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Lord of the Rings and a few blabberings.

That moment when you have nothing else to watch so you settle for something you've watched before. I thought having a Harry Potter Marathon would take, like, two days... so, yeah. The Lord of the Ring it is!

Seriously, sobrang haba ng trilogy but it was so epic, I cried. Konti lang. Lol. :D

Just a few things:

This guy. He's just so gwapo. I fell in love with him all over again. Nagtataka lang talaga ako... Bakit hindi siya nauubusan ng arrows? (-__-) Where and when did he even get a refill?! I demand an answer.

Isa pa 'to. Pretty, right? Is she really Steve Tyler's daughter? Dafudge. Ever since Armageddon, I've wondered how come this girl was a product of his sperm.

That adorable moment when Gollum realized his real name is Smeagol. My gulay, I think I'm gonna name my next pet Smeagol. I love Gollum. Kawawa naman kasi namatay. :( Kasalanan ni Precious eh. Clap-clap for him. Kudos to the guy acting behind all those animations (if there's any. I believe it's the bad guy from Inkheart). 

One more picture of Legolas. Gwapoooo (*_*) -->Fan Girl.

Plus notice the dwarf. Gimli? I liked their tandem in book three. So funny when they were comparing each other's kills. Cuuute! Hahaha. :D

Haven't read the books yet. Yeah, sorry. I'm still mustering the courage to face the vocabs. One time I tried reading, I gave up even before finishing chapter one. It's too old english, I had goosebumps (and nosebleed).

I'll try reading that again. One day.

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