Friday, June 7, 2013

Gabrielle Aplin: English Rain // Album Review

Imagine: Saturday afternoon. No noise aside from the relaxing sound of raindrops on the ground. The feeling of humid air, cozy and gentle. No, who wants humid air? We have plenty humid air in Manila and. It. Sucks.  You get the idea.

True to its title, her new album English Rain gave me the feels of a peaceful and stress-free rainy afternoon. If feelings were colors, she gives me gray with a hint of pastels. 

See? Even the album art is true to its word.
The very first song that diverted my attention to Gabrielle is Please Don't Say You Love Me which pretty much the most heartbreaking yet the most honest song I have ever heard. 

Heavy words are hard to take,
Under pressure things will break,
How we feel is hard to fake,
So lets not give the game away

I just can't help myself but notice that she sounds like Birdy. Is it just the accent, or do they really sound the same? [If you guys don't know, Birdy is the singer who brought you the revival of Bon Iver's Skinny Love.]

Even so, I am in love with Gabrielle Aplin. Though her melody and her voice are light and pastel and everything gentle, her lyrics will really strike you in a way that would give you an impact. Her way of delivering those words are so pure but nonetheless experienced, as if she's really trying to get you to feel how she felt while writing or singing those songs.

Tracks include: 
1. Panic Cord 
2. Keep on Walking 
3. Please Don't Say You Love Me 
4. How Do You Feel Today? 
5. Home 
6. Salvation 
7. Ready to Question 
8. The Power of Love 
9. Alive 
10. Human 
11. November 
12. Start of Time 
13. Take Me Away (bonus track)

I hope she makes a new one soon. Looking forward to a new Aplin experience.



  1. I also love Gabrielle's songs. I say you subscribe to her Youtube channel because honestly, she sounds best in her raw recordings.

  2. Salvation is my favorite.


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