Saturday, June 15, 2013

4th Year, BSA: Still Alive, But I'm Barely Breathing.

It was very hard, but yeah, we're still alive! Woot!

4th year and still an accounting student, baby!

Kaw, Anna, Me & Joy goofing around.
What would be a first day of the year without some pictures, right? :)

Anna: I don't care, I'm having a photoshoot.

Waiting for our classes to start. Say Hi to Psalms! (The one at the rightmost part)
Hi Jason. Macho, right? Lol, kidding. Seriously, I'm kidding.
Professors just being the important professors that they are. Always late. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
One classmate actually told me: What if you write something about the professors being late or absent on the first day of school? Don't they know that this is the only day that the students are actually excited to go to school? Then they won't show up? Wtf, dude. Wtf.

Apparently, he's blaming the professors' lack of punctuality for the students' loss of interest in school. Monkey see, monkey do. Well, makes sense.

Feeling Vintage. 
 Pardon the randomness. We're Having fun with the camera360 app.. :D 
Anna's famous shitshit face.
Err.. I don't really know what's happening here.
At least my head's in proportion with my thunder thighs. -_-
Our Boys, Ryan & Kaw.
Blurred! But this one's funny. Anna's the camera conscious one indeed. :D

Kaw, look up.

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world.

So.. before the stress comes down to us (which means next week), we wanted to have fun. 

Life is colorful in BSA~ lalala.

So, to the guys out there who are crapping their hearts out just to pass one accounting subject: HA! LOSERS!! :p

Kidding. But seriously, you'll still undergo that kind of torture and maybe more as you go higher. Just try to enjoy it, and have fun. Don't stress yourselves too much, or else you'll just see yourself having more difficulty. You'll just get ugly.


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