Saturday, July 27, 2013


Me and my friends, in pretty much the wildest scenario that we could be caught dead in. We don't get drunk like most kids of our age do on a Friday night, instead, we eat an impossibly huge amount of sweets that a normal person could handle, looking for the right buzz to get away from a week's worth of drama, stress and shtty schoolworks. We're all of legal age yet we don't go to bars to unwind because we're nerds like that, and to be honest, I thank God that these people are who I get to interact with everyday. College will be the death of me if not because of them. Have I found the wrong crowd, then I'll be doomed. These people are enough to keep me hanging on to what I actually signed up for. But then, I realized from this pre-midterm bonding experience that I haven't seen my bestfriends for a very long time and I was reminded of how much I freakin' miss them.

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