Monday, July 30, 2012

Bipolar Weather and Suspension of Classes

The weather here in Manila is driving me nuts. One moment it's raining super hard, and the other the sun gapes at you like an idiot, saying, "Burn, baby! burn!"

What the fudge, universe?!

Last night, I was praying for a class suspension, because I have two accounting quizzes that I forgot to review for. Luckily (for me), I woke up this morning to find that it's still raining -- Hard. It's kinda scary, though. It's a bummer, because I thought that rain or no rain, I would have to go to school because of the quizzes, unless there would be an official announcement from the school.

Or else this would have happened all over again.

My schoolmates, hovering around because the school failed to suspend classes before we actually left home.
So we would have to go through this. 
These photos were two weeks ago, when I went to school despite the raining and raging winds (and they did not suspend classes early enough to stop me from doing so). Yes, all because I was scared of missing a quiz. Call me grade conscious or whatnot, but I'm a nerd like that. Classes were suspended too late, when almost all students were already wet. Jeez.

I didn't go home just yet, I watched the Dark Knight Rises - and it's pretty AWESOME!

Now back to today. Since there's no classes and it's such a bed weather, maybe I could just lie in my PJ's and watch Adventure time. Or maybe read A fault in Our Stars or listen to Overexposed. Or both? If I'm not too consumed by the bed, then I would be browsing my accounting books. Which is 1% possible. :))

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