Friday, October 12, 2012

College Friends' Birthday Surprise

My friends don't always talk behind my back, but when they do.. =">
College is not the most exciting part  of your academic life. Says who?

I've known these people just when I stepped in college. Some, a longer span of time than the others.

I'm 19 already! I can't believe this. My last year of being a teenager. <//3 Just when my parents are letting me go home late (still with the help of thorough convincing. But still.) Only now am I enjoying my teenage years!! And then It's my last? Oh God, why?

I really didn't expect that something like this would come up. It's finals and everyone's busy, so I was really surprised when they gave me these. Oh, you guys.=)

But anyway, whatever the number is. As what John Lennon once said:
"Count your age by friendsnot years. Count your life by smiles, not tears."

Thank you friends! :)

Anna Fajardo, Jason Quinosa, Kyzz Cornelio, Angel Cruz, Emmanuelle Digno, Daren Mananquil, Jaztine Marie Adap, Abby Malvar, Sofio Gonzalvo, Ryan Galao, Joy Alfon, Nathaniel Ferrer, Rona Nitcha, Kristelle Mateo, Celina Panaga, Lauren Rogando, JM Tabucanon, Clifford Opinion, Kariza Mendoza, John Kaw and Richard Atienza

You made my day extra special. I love you all!! :*

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